The Argentine national team, with a victory over Paraguay 25:15 (13:5) for a goodbye from Zrenjanin “Kristalna dvorana”, opened their way in for the competition for the 19th to 22nd place on the World Championship in Serbia. The Argentine girls, with a triumph over Paraguay chose their next rival, that will be Tunisia in Nis on Sunday.

In the duel of the two teams that did not feel the taste of victory, the Argentine team proved to be a far greater rival. The last deuce was seen in the ninth minute (3:3), when Argentina took over the match. The most efficient in the winning team was Alonso with seven goals, whereas Faria scored six goals for Paraguay.

The Paraguay team will meet Australia in Nis.

Statements after the match:

Argentine head-coach Eduardo Peruchena:

- We're happy about our first win on the World Championship. I believe we would now have more chances playing against Angola. These matches were a great experience for us. I hope we'll be better after this competition.

Paraguay's head-coach Ruben Subeldia:

- I can be satisfied in some kind of way. We had a chance to play against teams from all over the world. I believe that this World Championship is just a start for Paraguay. Our young team gained a lot of experience.